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hello! goodbye!

No don’t worry – I’m not going any where!  Just follow me here:

to my new blog site!  See you there!


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stay focused

I finally finished those 3 purses that have been on my sewing table forever.  I have not been able to focus and get them done for about three weeks and I am blaming my kids for it.  Summer vacation is to blame for mommies everywhere not getting their work done!

But not today. Today I am going through my vintage fabric stash and my organic fabric stash and making it all come together in just a perfect fresh and yummy way.  I am so lucky to have the day to sew.

Now, I must be off for my house is silent at the moment.  No one but me and Scout, and my sewing machine!  Before I go here is just one last peek just for you :)


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a little gift

Just for you.  As a way of saying thank you for all who have been following me and my katie jean creations.  I am offering free shipping on my site.  Now through December 15th all shipping will be free!  Just visit my etsy or katie jean to see for yourself.

There are two other reasons for me doing this.  I know that everyone is tight for cash this year.  And I would really love to encourage everyone to buy handmade.  The other reason is that I haven’t planned any upcoming shows for the holidays.  I couldn’t find any dates that worked for me and I don’t really like doing December shows.  It cuts into my family time, and my own personal Christmas gift making!

So if you love katie jean, please visit my site and do some shopping.  Remember *free shipping!*  I will be adding new items daily!  And thank you!!


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in the circus baby

Just listed in my shop.  I love this fabric!  And the ringleader with the mustache is my favorite part.  Enjoy!

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two in one

Two posts in one day!  It just might be a first for me..

Thanks again for answering my survey questions.  I have decided on hosting an apron class.  I looked through my patterns today and found a vintage one that I really like.  It is a one size fits all model that just slips over your head.  No adjusting and no ties. It’s cute and it’s vintage!  Stay tuned for the class date and more class info.

I also noticed today how much of this vintage yardage that I do have.  So watch my etsy shop, because I am going to sell of a few bits of it, destash.  It’s all thrifted fabric.  I have washed it, and ironed it.  And it has passed the sniff test, so it doesn’t smell like a thrift shop anymore!

And here is the sweet and simple dress that I made for my girl.  This is the one that she still is unwilling to wear.   I think she just likes wearing her super soft t-shirt dresses.  So for now, I am just holding onto it and I’ll try to reintroduce it to her for her birthday dress.

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I’m updating my etsy this morning.  Remember the baby items that I made for my girlfriend?  I made another flower applique onesie and a burpcloth using the same summery yellow fabric.  I’ll have to make a boy set to go with it too.  It will be a tie onesie with a yellow minky burpie.

gift sets

The sun was so perfect yesterday afternoon, that I ended up taking more pictures of my other little gift sets.  When that I happens, I end up taking 10-15 pictures of the same item.  Which is fun for me at the time.  And then the next day I have to weed through my photos to find my favorite 5 that I can put on etsy.  This I think is a good problem to have.  Good lighting and good photos of my items.

Have you joined the contest over at Lark Books yet?  You could win 10 crafty books!  A great reward for a fun challenge!


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