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a little pink

This is the last one of the baby bibs, for now. I am adding it tonight to my etsy.  Well I am trying to any way.

I am having a few problems with my pictures being the right size.  This hasn’t happened to me before, so I must check it out, and get it figured out.

That is why you get to see it here first.

This is the last little bit of this vintage fabric that I have left too.  So no matching burp cloth.  Sorry!  I might be able to make just one little matching appliqued onesie.  If you’re nice to me :)


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small world

I ran out of thread on Friday.  And I couldn’t get to the fabric store until today.

Such a bummer.

Especially since I had this fantastic fabric all ready to go.

I bought it in Houston when I was visiting my sister.  And all this time I didn’t know what I wanted to make with it.  Then all of a sudden I just knew…

Burp cloths. I know simple right.  This vintage fabric was already precut when I bought it.  And they were just the right size.

I wish I had yards of it!

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my vintage love

When I started katie jean it was all about the vintage fabric.  Sure I loved all the new fabrics and the fabric designers.  But with vintage fabrics, there was just something about them that was just so much more alluring to me.

Vintage fabrics have unique special touches like a print with swiss dot or felted flowers.  Or some prints have a little bit of seersucker in them.  Each one looks fresh to me and maybe even a little bit innocent.

Some vintage sheeting even has a huge appeal for me!  Once it was a pillowcase, now it’s a coaster.  And if you’re reading this, I know that you get it too.  I’m sure you love vintage as much as I do.  Why do you love it so?

btw, these bibs are made with 100% vintage and organic fabrics.  They are just waiting for me to make a matching burp cloth or onesie.


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woolworth trash can, now in my sewing room

woolworth trash can, now in my sewing room

My kids have gotten the idea of how fun it is to go with me to thrift shops.  They always get $1. to spend.  And thrift toys are really inexpensive!  My oldest has been looking for slot cars.  My seven year old will usually buy something carved from wood.  My girl will always buy a stuffed animal!  They crack me up.

vintage bauer pitcher, found a new place beside my stove

vintage bauer pitcher, found a new spot beside my stove

But I have the most fun of all!  I buy fabric (and other stuff too!).  On Saturday I visited my favorite junk shop.  I haven’t been there all summer.  But on Saturday, I totally scored with two chenille blankets, $15. for both.  One is for my girl’s bed, and the other is for me to cut up!

added to my shop

My storage has been getting really full.  So I have started to destash and listing a few of my fabrics on my etsy shop.  Just three pieces of fat quarters so far.  I think I will be sharing some of my chenille soon too!


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the first

Indie Sacramento is such a great show that I wish I could attend it, not just vend it.  That way I could shop at my liesure and not have to hurry back to my booth!  And when I shop, I have to look at every little thing.   Just ask my friends.  I take too long for some of them.  That’s why I often shop alone.  Not too many have the patience for me, as I look and look, and look.

Well I am a vendor at Indie Sac.  And to get ready for it, we are all asked to get together little bags of swag.  It’s just a little free thing for attendees to receive that will promote our business.  In the past I have done book markers, lemon drops, gift tags, and magnets.

This time I did little square scraps of vintage fabrics.  I participated in a scrap fabric swap last summer, that was hosted by Melly and Me.  We were making log cabin squares, all from our fabric scraps.  I traded with someone in Australia and these little squares are just a part of what I got.  And now they are being passed on!

You can see the wide variety of cute little prints.  There are also some solids mixed in there too.

My girl helped me sort and stack one morning.  It was a great way for us to practice counting.  Well, she actually needs the practice more than I do.  She is 4 and can count up to 23!

So, if you are one of the first 150 to come to Fremont Park this Saturday, one of these little bags of scrappy goodness could be yours!  OOOh! AAh!  Or, one of these many other little goodies.  Check it out!  And see you there :)


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out and about

You know those spec cases that I had on my to do list?  Well I finished them and delivered them!  They turned out cute, all made from vintage tablecloths.  I just love that fabric!

And while visiting with the girls at The Tin Thimble they were unpacking a very special box, a big box filled with new Amy Butler fabrics.  Merry Christmas!  And just look at what I bought!

Aren’t they just beautiful?  It was so hard to pick out just two of them.  Sharon and Emma also had all of the coordinating solid fabrics in the line to go with each print.  Which you really need, because Amy uses such unique colors in her fabrics it makes it difficult to find it any where else.

And isn’t this wonderful!  They have more!  I only bought one yard of this great vintage piece of fabric.  Does it remind you of some of the new fabric designs?  Everyone gets their inspiration somewhere!  I don’t even know what I will be making with this, but you know I can’t pass up something so fun.  And you have to buy what you love when you see it because it might be gone tomorrow.

This is another vintage piece of fabric.  These are my two favorite colors.  It’s paired up with another Amy Butler solid, making a great match!  This green solid didn’t photograph very well and is actually the same bright green as on the bright green apple on the bottom right corner.

This is a fabulous piece of bark cloth that Sharon brought out to show me.  It was made to be used as a curtain panel.  I just love barkcloth, especially the florals like this one.  The colors are so funky!  I am getting quite a collection of these fabrics, that I am holding onto and waiting to find the perfect project for.

After all of that fabric shopping my girl and I had lunch out at Newcastle Produce.  The best place for local organic fresh produce and the best grilled cheese sandwich ever!  Then we walked over to see Jim Anderson and his antique junk shop.  A great place to visit where I always find something that I can’t live without.  And this day was no different.  I bought the biscuit jar on the left for $9.00, and it’s in great condition.  It did have a wicker handle on it, but I don’t think it was the original one.  It seemed a little long so I took it off and it sits on my mantle a little better too.  All of these are marked “made in Japan”.

You should plan a day of fun in Newcastle, California.  It’s a cute town that remains untouched by the growth surrounding it.  And has a lot of little spots for you to explore.


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