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finished my wip

I know you have seen this before, but I wanted to show you how these little squares got all sewn up together.  Finished finally!

Sometimes these little things can just sit around waiting to be finished.  It’s just a little sewing and quilting.

But once I laid out the fabrics and my girl saw the tiny quilt she decided it would be perfect for her doll.  So I had to get it done right away!

She picked out the backing fabric with the cute cats.  And I did the rest of the sewing.  Now Jules Sparkles will rest nice and toasty, cozy at night.  Thanks to her Aunt Mary.


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My sister Mary has a great sewing room in her house in Virginia.  And she was my teaching mama while I was visitng her.  We made 3 different quilts together!

This is us, sewing late at night before I flew on home early the next day.

Here’s a peek at one of the bigger quilt’s we made together.  This was so great for me to sew up as I have always thought of myself as a non-quilter.

It is made just using fabrics from a charm pack.  This one is called Frolic, from Moda.  And I’ll tell you, these little 5″ squares of fabric are so much cuter when used in a quilt.

It is all still at Mary’s house.  Just waiting to be quilted.  She is great at that!  Then it will come to me and I will have a few buttons to sew onto the top.  Then once that is all completed, you will get to see it again! Oooh, the anticipation :)

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