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post party

You know I think I am still recovering from my husband’s birthday party that we held in our home over two weeks ago!  There are still birthday cards on the counter, and thank you cards to write.   Plus a ton of beer and wine left unopened!

All of my new serving pieces that I had to have, are all put away.  That was a big challenge for me.  I don’t have a lot of kitchen space.  So, I got to clean out my cabinets.  Which I think feels like I’ve lost weight.  I wish that actually worked!

The prep for the party was filled with days of running around town.  My sisters were staying at my house so that made everything a lot easier.  I relied on their opinion for everything!  Even lipstick.  Which we all know is a big decision to make on one’s own.

The kids put up with our shopping at the mall.  See’s Candies doesn’t hurt either!  We got a lot of great decorating ideas at Pottery Barn.

We went to Gram’s Ranch.  While the boys climbed in the trees,

Katie, Mary, Judith

the girls were busy cutting olive branches that we were to use in all of the floral arrangements.

Isn’t it beautiful? My wonderful and talented neighbor Ralph made these beautiful arrangements for each table.  The flowers were the perfect finishing touch!

Mary, Katie, Judith, Donna (our mom)

And here we are all in the midst of the party.  Can you tell we are related?  That is my husband Jeff in the right corner of the pic.  We were having such a good time, that I didn’t take any other pictures.  I do have one of a friend climbing the fence, but I’m holding onto that one!

Thank you to my dear friends and family who were such a large part in making the evening a success!  I had such a great night.  And most importantly, Jeff had a great time celebrating 50!  I love you babe.



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my first

My first book signing (yes there will be more) was a great day.  Thanks for coming to see me!  Here are some sweet pics I took of my day.

my pillowcase collection

cupcake treats, and I just fell in love with these tea cups and saucers

coasters, special box, and little match box all made with pillowcases

chattin’ away, it’s actually funny seeing a picture of myself not smiling.

I had a great day, so thanks for coming to the beautiful New Castle, Tin Thimble.  I’ll be doing another book signing at Indie Sac on May 2nd.  See you there!


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summer baby

I have been on a sewing hiatus this week.  It seems like every time I do a show, I spend a week or so picking up the huge mess I made in my sewing room.   And I do end up spending a lot of time on my computer.  I just can’t seem to step away from it!

So today my girlfriend and great neighbor, Kathryn stopped over.  The 5th grade teacher at the elementary school is having a baby.  And she came over to pick out a present.  Which is a lot of fun because Kathryn used to be textile designer.  She loves to look through my fabrics and she always picks out something that I haven’t used yet.  And then she uses it in fun combination’s or just unexpected ways.

Which is great that she uses what I already have.  I often buy fabric with no idea of what I will make with it.  And what she picked is this fresh, summery fabric.  I always thought I would make a special dress with a little white peter pan collar with it.  Now, it will be a classic baby onesie and minky blanket combo.  I will also be making up a set for my shop, if you’re interested :)  I’ll also show you a new photo when I’m done.

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the girls

I had such a great time at Indie Sac.  Thanks to all of the girls (aka Amy, Lauren, Tamie, and Stacey) who helped make this such a successful day for all involved, the vendors and the shoppers.   It was a cold and foggy day, but that did stop anyone from coming out to support all of this handmade goodness and to support shopping local. Over 700 plus people attended!  And over a barrel of food for the Sac Food Bank was collected!   I even picked up a few cool gifts myself.  And made a crafty trade.  Such a fun thing to do!


Click above to check out all of the great photos.  And if you weren’t able to make it… here are some of the cool crafters that I met.  I’m sure you will love them as much as I did!

Cori Crooks, Artist and writer

Nancy at Queen Puff Puff

Julie of Zuiliblu

Nicole of blue bicicicletta

Rain, jewelry designer

Tram Truong, photographer


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crafty day

How would you like an invitation to my home? I will be hosting a day of sewing! I would love to help some of my friends get ready for holiday gift giving. And what better, than to give a gift that was handmade by you!

some of my vintage pillow cases and sheets

some of my vintage pillow cases and sheets

This first crafty day you will learn to make a pillowcase. All you need is your own sewing machine, fabric, and basic sewing knowledge. The class cost is $15.00 and is limited to the first 8 registered students. I will provide some light drinks, snacks and a few door prizes!

Saturday, November 1, 2008
1 – 4 p.m.
at my home

I have made a few of my own pillowcases for my own three little ones. It’s a great little way to decorate their room, when one year they love hotwheels and the next year they love pokemon. And for your girl friends, it’s a nice gift to make up a pair of pillowcases in a sweet fabric combination that will compliment their bedroom. Since the fabric choices are unlimited, this could really be an inexpensive gift for you to make for everyone on your shopping list.

Just email me at trottgirl@sbcglobal.net if you are interested and I will then mail you a material list with your sign up confirmation.

Some other classes I would love to host before the holidays will be making a scarfe, knitting a hat, and scrappy fabric coasters. What are you interested in learning to do?


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Here’s a small preview of a little something that I’ve made especially for the upcoming craft fair that I will be at this Saturday, September 27. Come and see for yourself! I will be there with almost 30 other crafty vendors.

    College Greens
    Cabana and Club House
    10 am – 5 pm
    2707 Nortre Dame

Remember there will be an all day raffle, snacks, and drinks! Stop by to see me, and I will have a little gift for you!!

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holly hobbie

My girlfriend Mindy came to visit with me last week. She is pregnant and due in about four weeks, so we went to look at some fabric together. We didn’t find anything for her new baby, but she got a lot of fabric to make a cowboy quilt for her little boys room.

She didn’t come over empty handed either! Look at what she brought me!

A package full of vintage fabrics. They all look like their from the 70’s. She wasn’t sure if I would like them!! I thought she knew me better than that :) Can you see the packs of ric rac there too? Mostly there are Holly Hobby fabric and some Raggedy Ann fabric. The Raggedy Ann is red, white, and blue so I think this one has to be from 1976.

Her mom cut out a lot of these little vignettes to make cards with. Aren’t they cute! So, with her baby shower coming up, (it was yesterday, I’m not ruining the surprise!) I made her a little long sleeve appliqued onesie (and some other things). When her mom comes to visit from Colorado, I think she will be surprised to see it!

p.s. I just added this onesie to my etsy site if you’re interested!!


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