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gift tag tutorial

I save all sorts of fabric scraps.  Including the scraps from the tiny quilts I have made.  That’s where these little bits come from.

Too cute to be thrown away, right?  So don’t!

I also have on hand the card stock that my bias tape was once wrapped around.  Any crafty paper will do!

Just place the fabric on the card stock, trim your fabric length or width as necessary. Then sew away, on your sewing machine.  I like using a zig zag stitch.

Use that ever handy hole punch and dig through your stash for a bit of ribbon.  I love to see what I find, looking for just that right color.

After you thread your ribbon through you have a nice little handmade gift tag.  I usually stamp the to: and from: on the back with a brown ink.  They also make cute bookmarks for what ever sewing book you might be giving as a gift this year!



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doily banner tutorial

I love using my fabric scraps!  And I do love those doily banners.  I wanted to make one but with a touch of katie jean.  So here is my little tutorial just for your enjoyment!

Go through your fabric scraps and cut various pieces in random a 1/2″ width.  The length can vary.  This can be very random and imperfect.  Your kids can even help out here!  No need to iron the strips.

Cut your doilies in half.  Here I used 6″ diameter doilies.  Check out the $ store for a good deal on these.

Here I start to sew them up.  I start with a bit of a tail and then add the first doily.  The next strip of fabric is just laid on top of the previous piece.  There is maybe a 1/2″ of overlap there.

I take about six stitches and then lay down another doily right on top of that little strip of fabric.  My needle was already done for when I started this project so I didn’t worry about ruining it.  I just changed it when I was through sewing on the paper.

And it’s finished! I just love seeing all of the different bits of fabric peaking through!

It came out really long!  I just had fun doing a little crafty easy sewing.  I did not want to stop!

Can you see the fabric peaking through the white paper.  It looks almost transparent with the light coming through the back.  These will be up for my girl’s birthday party!  I hope this little tutorial inspires you to use some of your fabric scraps.  Thanks for looking!


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little gifties

These are eye pillows.  Just in case you didn’t know. :)  It’s another project that I love to sew up using just the scraps from my scrap bags. 

There are so many projects that I sew and then I move on to new creations.  But I just can’t resist sewing up these eye pillows.  They are filled with lavender and organic flaxseed.  Whenever I am working with the lavender it gives my sewing room such a relaxing calm smell and feel.

I add the organic flaxseed because it gives the eye pillow a nice added weight.   The pillow can be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds, or the fridge if you like some cooler soothing.  I personally enjoy them as is.

And when not on your eyes, just tuck it under your bed pillow.  It will be sure to give you sweet dreams at night!


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scrappy goodness

Oh scraps are good!  So very, very good.  I do have a little love affair with them.  Fabric love is a real and pure love!

It is a real guilty pleasure for me.  Finding something new, anything really, to make using my scraps.  It is something I can spend days thinking of.

These coasters are the same ones that I made for the Pillowcase Challenge book.  These sets are just made with all new fabrics.

I have so much fun sewing these up.  I sit on down with my bags (yes bags) of scraps and dig through them all until I find combination’s that I just feel good about.

I always promise more. And more scrappy fun will be sure to follow.

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love this

The final class in my Scrap Happiness series is next Wednesday evening.  So start gathering up your scrappy little pieces of fabric, cut them into little squares and come join me!

To celebrate this sewing series of classes, I will also have a little few bits of katie jean treasures to give away to class members.  Just to say thank you to all of those fun sewers that participated.

There are still a few spots left and we will also be holding the eye pillow class again.  You have a second chance to sew these up for a special Mother’s Day present.

Call The Tin Thimble for registration and the class supply list (916) 652-2134.


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