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Well you know that I went to Quilt, Craft, Sew.    I went not just one day, but two!  The first day was with Claire and her two girls.  My own girl came along too.  She is used to her mom looking at fabrics and shopping!

First, it was a smaller venue then what I thought it would be.   And so many of the vendors were not local. It was fun asking where everyone was from!  One vendor came from Florida!  There were also people selling jewelry, snacks, cooking spices, and makeup.  And the big bummer, parking was $10.  But, remember I did come back for a second day!

Yes, we had a great time.  I mostly bought fabric that I don’t find locally.  Mostly Heather Bailey fabric!  She has such bright, vibrant, fun, colors and patterns.  I saw people just so excited, seeing her fabric for the first time!

I also bought a few books.  Like I need more of those!  I did get this one called Quilts Japan.  Which I just had to have for the great inspiration!  Such great pictures!

becky & me

I bought some fabric squares from Becky.

I picked out some cute vintage images, that were already on fabric and permanent from Patti.

And I bought my HB fabric, trims, and a cute pattern from Beth.

There was more of course on the second day out with my mom.   She bought a gadget for her back and the fasturn (pic above) for us both to use.   Yes, I will go to this show again in 2010.  But I would love to be a vendor there myself!  Maybe with g&g!  And despite their being a recession, people really were out there shopping.

Did you go too?  And what did you think, have a good time?



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and a good time was had by all

Thanks to those of you who came to see me on Saturday and Indie Sac!  It was such a treat to see friends that I have made from past craft fairs, and I even got to see a few of my flickr friends :)  I’m such a lucky girl.  And I was totally feeling the love for all things katie jean on Saturday.

Remember the photo I showed you of some super cute Japanese fabric?  I made a size 1T pants out of it and they were the first thing to sell!  Cori got them before I had even set up.

cori crooks

cori crooks

The funny thing about doing these kind of shows, is that you do end up buying from the surrounding vendors.  So you make a little money and spend a little money!  But I tell people that you see so many cool things handmade here that you normally wouldn’t see anyplace else.  And often they are one of a kind, so if you love it, you better get it!

And yes, I did buy Cori’s book Sweet Charlotte’s seventh mistake.  It looks like a scrap book.  I love the “feel” of the book like it was made by a crafter.  It is a poignant look into the personal life of a little girl growing up and finding her true worth and place in the world.  If you get a chance, buy Cori’s book.  You will fall in love with this memoir and get trapped inside it’s pages.

donna of the donut lounge

donna of the donut lounge

I didn’t see any donut’s at donna‘s, but I did get a card from her for my sweetie.  A little Valentine for him.  This is sooo much better than Hallmark!  I do love all of her sushi inspired trinkets.

little peanut

little peanut

I bought one of these little crayon books from Michelle of Little Peanut, funky goodies for little goobers.  It is a great size and fits pretty well into my purse.  It has crayons and a pad of paper in it.  Perfect for me to whip out at a moment’s notice of boredom!  I was actually thinking of church when my 3 can’t keep their hands and feet away from each other!

chicken pants

chicken pants

This is Claire of Chicken Pants fame.  AKA my Indie Sac neighbor.  I wanted to hold each little chick, they are so cute and soft.  They are also funky little chicks, and are again one of the cool things that can be found at this event.

pepto girl

pepto girl

This is Amy of Pepto Girl.  She makes the cutest, kitchyest, colorfulest little accessories.  Like my adjectives??  Plus she is my web designer (to be updated soon).  So, I love her!

Happy Valentine’s Day all of you crafty chicas!  Thanks for a fun day.  And thank you to all who came up for a chat, and a day of shopping.  It really did mean so much to me to see so many familiar faces, and to see some familiar names to put with those faces!


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book talk

This for all of you rockers who love to read!  My brother-in-law has his first published work entitled “Getting in Tune”, and will be speaking this Tuesday, January 20th, at the Lincoln Twelve Bridges Library.

Here is the email invitation that I received from him.  I hope some of you will be able to make it!

I wanted to let you know that I’m the featured speaker at the Friends of the Lincoln Library “Book Talk” program next week. This is a free program that’s open to the public. I’ll be talking about the background of my novel, Getting in Tune, the process of writing the novel, and whatever else happens to pass through my mind. I’ll also be taking questions, so this is a great opportunity for you to bring up any embarrassing questions that you’ve longed to ask, like, “Did you really play a cover version of ‘Feelings’?” Given the afternoon time of this event, I realize many of you won’t be able to make it, but please stop by if you can and/or forward this message on to someone who might be interested.

Signed copies of my book will be available for purchase. Here are the details: Tuesday, January 20, 1:30-2:30 PM”Book Talk”: Getting in Tune, Lincoln Public Library-Twelve Bridges Willow Room485 Twelve Bridges DriveLincoln, CA Thanks! Roger

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ok, now what

I dropped the ball!  I haven’t posted up anything new to my etsy site in the last few days.  But I did sell two things!  I think I am overwhelming myself and I feel like I can’t complete anything.  There is so much that I want/need to be doing and I feel like I just don’t know where to start!  Do you want a list?  Maybe that would help me…

1.  Finish specs cases for Emma and Sharon.

specs case

2. Start a blanket/burpie gift for my girlfriend Kathryn.

tiny tots

3. Go to the ranch and pick olives (sounds fun, huh?  but it still makes my list).

my boys at valle vista

4. Go to the bookstore and buy the new Alicia Paulson book.  I have to have this!

stitched in time

5.  Buy the Anna Marie Horner book, Seams to Me.

seams to me

6.  Start sewing a ton of aprons for the Indie Sacramento show.  Please come!  It is going to be so much fun!

Indie Sacto

7.  Get my swag together for Indie Sacramento, and mail it.

8.  Start another etsy site, I know, I just have to do it!  More about that later. (not my stocking)

stocking stuffers

9.  I really want to sew up a plushie doll.

plush you!

10.  Have the girls over for drinks tonight.


Does that sound like enough?  Is that everything?  Now where do I start, at the beginning!  Happy Thanksgiving all!


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Look what I just found on amazon.com!! Isn’t this the cutest book cover ever! I am so excited to see it come out.

If you didn’t know already why I am sooo excited about this… I have two projects that will be featured in this book! I also sent Lark a ton of vintage embroidered pillowcases, from my own stash, so they could take pictures of them for this same book.

I’ll keep you posted as to when it will be released. As far as I know, it will be spring 2009. Not soon enough for me!!


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pillowcase challenge

I have some great news to share with you! Two of my katie jean creations are going to be published in an upcoming book from Lark books!! I am really excited about it and can hardly wait to see that it is real.

Claire, from Handmade Parade, was hosting a pillowcase challenge. Then Beth, from Lark, saw my fabric covered match box on the pillowcase challenge flickr group. She asked me to submit pictures of one, for their new book. So I made a nicer fabric covered box then the one on flickr (which looks really awful) and I also submitted some coasters. All made using thrifted vintage pillowcases.

Craft Challenge: Dozens of Ways to Repurpose a Pillowcase will be released in March 2009.

part of my stash

part of my stash


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I have been sewing like crazy! I so love this new organic fabric. It is so soft and a really great quality. I have my favorite pattern, and I am looking forward to the spring release of some new fabrics from Harmony.

my studio

I have been sewing so much and not really making it out of the house, I think I’m saving money! My husband must be happy because, I’m not out shopping. Just to buy thread. I even had a sewing dream last night. And then I was at a craft show selling my new organic baby line. I had made a little baby coat with a hood that was really cute. I might have to make one of those in August or September. I think they are so cute with the little baby buttons up the front. I just need to get comfortable with the button holer attachment on my new sewing machine. It should be super easy, right?

paper doll pillowcase

My next project will be making some pillowcase items for my friends at Lark Books. I’ll tell you more about it later…
But, they are looking for pictures of your pillows and some special memories that you might have about a special pillow in 200 words or less. Just go to their website http://www.larkbooks.com and click on the Submissions page. If you are featured in their new book you will receive photo credit and get a free book copy.

I’ve already sent them pictures of my vintage embroidered pillowcase collection. I was so surprised to see how many I had. 18 in all. How did that happen? I’m sure you know how easy it is to buy them when they are just the right price and have such pretty handy work. So, I hope you have fun with it and send them some pictures and maybe even some words.

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