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gift tag tutorial

I save all sorts of fabric scraps.  Including the scraps from the tiny quilts I have made.  That’s where these little bits come from.

Too cute to be thrown away, right?  So don’t!

I also have on hand the card stock that my bias tape was once wrapped around.  Any crafty paper will do!

Just place the fabric on the card stock, trim your fabric length or width as necessary. Then sew away, on your sewing machine.  I like using a zig zag stitch.

Use that ever handy hole punch and dig through your stash for a bit of ribbon.  I love to see what I find, looking for just that right color.

After you thread your ribbon through you have a nice little handmade gift tag.  I usually stamp the to: and from: on the back with a brown ink.  They also make cute bookmarks for what ever sewing book you might be giving as a gift this year!



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doily envelopes

Do you remember the doily banner that I made? Well I did have some doilies left over from that project.  So I wanted to show you what I did with the extra’s.

Again, cut your doily in half.  These were 6″ in diameter.

Get out your glue stick!  Apply the glue to the solid paper portion of the doily.  It’s not necessary to use too much glue.

Carefully insert the doily into your envelope.  Just so you can see the top of the doily.  Carefully fold over the flap to create a crease.

After you have left the glue to dry insert your tiny envelopes.  And you are almost done!

Don’t forget your cute dog postage stamps to go with the doggie themed birthday party!


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doily banner tutorial

I love using my fabric scraps!  And I do love those doily banners.  I wanted to make one but with a touch of katie jean.  So here is my little tutorial just for your enjoyment!

Go through your fabric scraps and cut various pieces in random a 1/2″ width.  The length can vary.  This can be very random and imperfect.  Your kids can even help out here!  No need to iron the strips.

Cut your doilies in half.  Here I used 6″ diameter doilies.  Check out the $ store for a good deal on these.

Here I start to sew them up.  I start with a bit of a tail and then add the first doily.  The next strip of fabric is just laid on top of the previous piece.  There is maybe a 1/2″ of overlap there.

I take about six stitches and then lay down another doily right on top of that little strip of fabric.  My needle was already done for when I started this project so I didn’t worry about ruining it.  I just changed it when I was through sewing on the paper.

And it’s finished! I just love seeing all of the different bits of fabric peaking through!

It came out really long!  I just had fun doing a little crafty easy sewing.  I did not want to stop!

Can you see the fabric peaking through the white paper.  It looks almost transparent with the light coming through the back.  These will be up for my girl’s birthday party!  I hope this little tutorial inspires you to use some of your fabric scraps.  Thanks for looking!


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a tutorial and a giveaway

I don’t know why, but I do seem to make a lot of posie pins.  I think it has something to do with me liking to use little bits of fabrics.  But lucky for you I do show you how to make some for yourself!

Right now when you visit Sarah at Makin’ Projiks, you will see the posie pin that I made for her Heart 2 Heart Valentine swap.  There is a tutorial and there is also a giveaway on the following post.  Have fun with it, make a bouquet!


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oh my!

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it on the couch, sick.  My mom came over and made a cake for me with my kids and we later ordered some Chinese food delivered.  Not too bad of a day.  I got plenty of rest and was cared for.

Today I am better.  I have spent most of the morning reading my facebook and catching up on emails.  Lastly I check the stats on my blog.  And holy cow! Almost 600 people visited my site yesterday!  Happy Birthday to me!

Most of this was because of Rachel at One Pretty Thing.  She featured my fancy girl headband too!  This is another fun site where all sorts of crafters are featured with tutorials, free downloads, and places to shop.

Thank you everyone for sending me the love on my birthday!  Your birthday wishes truly mean so much to me.


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time for visiting

My little tutorial of the fancy headband was featured this weekend on Totally Tutorials.  Such fun seeing it there!  Thank you to all who visited my blog for the first time.  And for those who know me well, be kind and visit this fun site!  I hope you are inspired to learn something new and fun to create.

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over at G&G

I made another quick and easy tutorial.  This time it’s some crafty cards.  You just need to visit glitter and grunge for the how-to’s.   And fyi, they are also doing a Valentine Swap if you would like to join.  I did!  It’s my second one, I just can’t resist.

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