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twin cities

Quilt Market in the great twin cities has been on my mind this weekend.   And for the past hour, I have been cruising again.  Cruising Flickr.  Looking at all of the wonderful pic’s from Quilt Market.

Right now, that is where my sister Mary is.  Buying fabric for her shop in Grand Forks.  I am so jealous.  But this is what I can do instead.

Look at everyone else’s photo’s plus my own from Fall QM in Houston.  It is more eye candy and a ton of inspiration that I love!

I just want to go on line and shop for fabric right now.  Buy up some of the fun stuff that I can’t get locally.

moda block quilt by elliebelle7620

If you do look through my Flickr, look through my favorites.  There is some fun stuff in there too!  I have been looking especially at using up my scraps again!  Making a little log cabin quilt.  Stay tuned for that.

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so much to say

There is are so many different things on my to do list right now.  I feel like I should be telling you something new everyday.  Or at least twice a day.  And it just gets added to my list!
Well, I think you now how much I am into the Houston Quilt Market.  My sister, Mary, has her own shop and she took me with her last year.  It was so very cool!  I just love seeing all of the fabric and all of the new patterns and creations.
So, OK, this year, she took our Mom with her!  I know, huh!  Anyway… she did see some of my new friends from Australia.  And look what Gram brought back for my girl.
She named her Flower.  (She loves pushing the door bell while I take her picture!)  I was also given a pattern for a bunch of little dollies that go in a fabric bag.
bag o'dolls
Melly and her sister Rosalie create so many cute things.  And they use the best combination of fabrics.  If you haven’t looked at their site, you just must!
More to follow about me, later!!


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quilt market and flickr


I just posted my last picture onto my flickr account of my trip to the Houston Quilt Market. I thought I had at the most 50 pictures of my trip. It was actually 113 pictures. That explains why it took me so long to get it done. But I am so glad that I did finish it. I took a trip one year ago to visit my other sister Judith in Japan and I never did post all of my pictures to flickr from that trip. And now I feel like there is no going back. So many other pictures have been taken.

Now that Christmas is over, I am so ready to sew! I will be in San Francisco on January 27 for a special craft market. And after getting at least 4 new craft books for presents there is so much for me to do. It is hard for me to decide what to make next. I always need to fill in my inventory with my regular baby stuff like blankets and such. But there is a lot of stuff swimming around in my brain now. It has to get out. If you are the creative sort I’m sure you know what I mean! What are you busy making?

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let me explain


If you have seen my flickr pages you can see a serious pattern has developed. My first 30-40 (50?) pictures are all titled “Houston Quilt Market 2007”. This was a trip I took with my sister in October and I still have pictures left to post. This was my first time to Quilt Market and since I am a flickr addict, I couldn’t help myself. I even took pictures of my food. Why didn’t I think of doing this sooner. It was a lot of fun and I am so thankful to have a digital camera and not have to pay money to get my pictures developed.

Well Quilt Market was really cool. My sister Mary has a quilt shop in North Dakota, Quilter’s Eden, and invited me to go.  THANK YOU MARY!!!  She had the hotel already and I had a free ticket and my husband said OK. All was set, so I went. This is how most of my trips happen. They are always, well usually, spontanious. When I went to Indonesia, I had to leave in five days. Pretty cool huh?

I loved seeing all of the new fabrics, and learned a little bit more about actually quilting. My favorite thing to see was the crafty booths. Seeing the girls who were doing new things in sewing, patterns, and design. It’s really cool seeing a new generation of sewers and how they are creating in new ways. Look at Melly & me. I met Susan Branch, whose illustration and books I have loved for years. She has a new fabric line. It looks like little watercolor drawings, cute. I saw the new Mary Engelbreit line, it looks very mary, although I didn’t meet her. I did meet Amy Butler which I loved. I felt a little bit like a groupie. I showed her the eyeglass case that I made using her pattern and my sis took a picture of us together. Which is also on flickr.

So, I love flickr. I check my email first thing in the morning and then I look all over flickr. Everyday. Love it. Check it out. Hopefully I will soon post all of my Quilt Market photos and you can see more of what is up in my life.

Enjoy it!

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