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hello! goodbye!

No don’t worry – I’m not going any where!  Just follow me here:

to my new blog site!  See you there!


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small world

I ran out of thread on Friday.  And I couldn’t get to the fabric store until today.

Such a bummer.

Especially since I had this fantastic fabric all ready to go.

I bought it in Houston when I was visiting my sister.  And all this time I didn’t know what I wanted to make with it.  Then all of a sudden I just knew…

Burp cloths. I know simple right.  This vintage fabric was already precut when I bought it.  And they were just the right size.

I wish I had yards of it!

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the circle

I just finished a special request order and had to share it with you!

I know the bibs you’ve seen, but I just love the double stack buttons on this one!

And the little scrappy applique came together just perfect!  It reminds me of a stripped beach ball.

And here are a few more circles that I appliqued onto the burp cloth.  I had so much fun making this gift set!  I just didn’t want to put this fun fabric down.  Is it silly to be so excited and inspired by my own work!

I do love how it all came together again using just vintage and organic fabrics.  All inspired by a circle.

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I will be busy today posting aprons in my store.  I just listed this one today.

And it has the cutest little attached pocket trimmed in ric rac.  It is the perfect size for your recipe card.

Here is another half apron that I had listed.  It sold in just one day!

Thanks for looking! And remember FREE SHIPPING!


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just look

Look what Sadie Lou did!  She put my little hanky apron top on the front page of Lollishops.  Such a cute site and a fun place to shop.  Have yourself a look around!

Thank you Sadie Lou for the little surprise.  You’re the best!

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a jump for joy

I dance, sing a little song, jump, and just make my kids laugh at me for acting like a goof.  And today that is just what I did!

It was so simple.  My jump for joy.  I got my flickr back today! It makes me so happy!  I love the flickr community.  The photos, friends, inspiration.  I have been cut off from it all for almost three weeks.

on vacation at Lake Tahoe

on vacation at Lake Tahoe

My hub did some upgrades to my computer.  Which was great, because it was going really slow.  It was Murphy’s Law.  Whenever something gets fixed, something else will break down.  My computer forgot my flickr password, and so had I.

But today it is all good.  My kids got to see my little dance, and hear my funny song.  And now I got my flickr back (sounds like a Justin Timberlake song).  So to celebrate with me check out my flickr.  I will be on it all day, probably not getting any other work done.  I’ll be sharing a ton of photo’s that have been waiting very patiently for their day of flickr fame.

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craft and me

I won honorable mention from the CRAFT contest and giveaway!  I am so pleased that they liked my little vintage inspired swim suit cover up.  I was actually jumping up and down I was so excited about it!!

I think a big part of my win was my fabulous model :)  I just love her!  Thanks also to all of you that sent me congratulations, you’re the best!


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