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why i love it

I really like doing custom orders.  It’s fun for me to give people a chance to pick out and create something that they feel really comes from them, not the department store.  And this one was extra special for me because it was to be a gift for my niece Katie.

She and her husband Victor are having their first baby!  Yes it’s a boy.

My sister-in-law asked me to make a gift for them and I thought of this Dick and Jane fabric right off.  It reminds me of her and seems like something from her own childhood that she would want to pass on to our new baby nephew.

The blanket is soft flannel with vintage chenille and the tie fabric is perfect!  Doesn’t that plaid just rock it as a tie :D  I am also working on another special order that I will be done with tomorrow.  I’ll show you that one too if you like!

And with this sewing project done and posted it means that I have completed my Sew 5 Challenge!  Thanks Creative Maven for keeping me busy and on task!



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party girl

I am in the midst of party planning!  My girl will soon be 6 year’s old and would like to celebrate by having a doggy birthday party.  I found the perfect vintage cute invites on ric rac and buttons.

I decided to add just a touch whimsy.  So we sorted out a few of these little vintage flowers and got out the good ol’ glue stick.

My girl liked the green hearts and daises.


She wrote the party guest names on the envelopes while the glue dried.  And since these are small invites we had to then insert these cards into larger envelopes to mail.  And that I will show you tomorrow!

Thanks for looking!


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about a boy

This is a story about my 8 year old boy… He is cuckoo!

“When can I get a phone?” him

“When you’re 20! You don’t need a phone!” me

“What if I get lost and stuck in a tree?”  him

“Don’t wander off by yourself.” me

“Or if I get lost in the jungle and had to live with a homeless person?” him

When he said that I had to write it all down, while driving in the car.  Just to share it with you!  I love my boy and his fantastic imagination.  His powers of persuasion though, needs a little work.


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about a dog

This is Scout our Jack Russell Terrier.  Isn’t he cute! All short-legged, you should see him jump!  We have had him for a week today.  It’s our 1 week anniversary with him.   And yes I am in love!

He is 5 years old. And very well-trained.  He hardly ever barks (and when he does bark, it is not annoying at all!) sleeps in his crate, and is generally very low key for his breed.  He is our dream dog come true! 

Welcome to your new home Scout!

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inspiration day

We have 3 birthdays in my house to celebrate in August.  And the one that I have the most fun planning is the one for my girl.   Today I went to Michael’s and I bought a stack of white paper doilies.

I hope to make a few of these for decorations!

And maybe one of these hanky banners.  I do have quite the stash of hankies!


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a little juice

from Martha

I am a little brain dead these days.  I need some R&R. 

barbie chandelier, from drummbellina

 So last night I stayed off my computer.  But today I was on, looking through my list of blog friends. 

amy butler love booth at quilt market

It is just what I needed. A little brain juice. 

a quilt to make, from film in the fridge

And a long phone call from my sister never hurts either!

soda pop from 100 layer cake

So here are some pic’s that got my brain working again!  I hope they inspire you a little too.

play a record, love the quilt


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a promise

Is a promise.  And here is one of mine being fulfilled.

Meet Charlie.  The wayward dog that I got to take care of for the day.  Her named turned out to be Magnolia.

I knew that you couldn’t wait another day without seeing a picture of her.  Sleep well my friends, sleep well.


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