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my vintage love

I still have some a lot of unpacking to do from The Tattered House show this past Sunday.  My sewing room is such a mess.  So sorry, but I have no pictures of that!

What I will show you is this blanket.

When I first saw this fabric my heart skipped a beat!  I even looked around to see if there was anyone else ready to grab it just as I was reaching out for it.

I just love all of these colors together.  It is sweet without being overly sweet, if you know what I mean.

The flower print is vintage as is the nubby chenille on the back.  And the blanket is sized perfectly to fit over baby in the carseat or stroller so momma doesn’t have to struggle with folding over a big blanket that is just too big.  I know… I am so thoughtful :)



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a little pink

This is the last one of the baby bibs, for now. I am adding it tonight to my etsy.  Well I am trying to any way.

I am having a few problems with my pictures being the right size.  This hasn’t happened to me before, so I must check it out, and get it figured out.

That is why you get to see it here first.

This is the last little bit of this vintage fabric that I have left too.  So no matching burp cloth.  Sorry!  I might be able to make just one little matching appliqued onesie.  If you’re nice to me :)

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My boy loves wolves. I have no idea how this came about or why. But he just does. 

Which is really great. I love it when they have a passion about something. 

And this is what the wolf thing is, an intense love of all things wolf. 

He even draws them.  He was sitting at the dinner table last night after he had finished eating and was doing a new sketch. 

I thought he needed some more wolf inspiration.  More wolf art to keep his imagination going. 

So here I am sharing some of my etsy favs with you. 

What is your favorite animal?


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stay focused

I finally finished those 3 purses that have been on my sewing table forever.  I have not been able to focus and get them done for about three weeks and I am blaming my kids for it.  Summer vacation is to blame for mommies everywhere not getting their work done!

But not today. Today I am going through my vintage fabric stash and my organic fabric stash and making it all come together in just a perfect fresh and yummy way.  I am so lucky to have the day to sew.

Now, I must be off for my house is silent at the moment.  No one but me and Scout, and my sewing machine!  Before I go here is just one last peek just for you :)


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little gifties

These are eye pillows.  Just in case you didn’t know. :)  It’s another project that I love to sew up using just the scraps from my scrap bags. 

There are so many projects that I sew and then I move on to new creations.  But I just can’t resist sewing up these eye pillows.  They are filled with lavender and organic flaxseed.  Whenever I am working with the lavender it gives my sewing room such a relaxing calm smell and feel.

I add the organic flaxseed because it gives the eye pillow a nice added weight.   The pillow can be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds, or the fridge if you like some cooler soothing.  I personally enjoy them as is.

And when not on your eyes, just tuck it under your bed pillow.  It will be sure to give you sweet dreams at night!


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scrappy goodness

Oh scraps are good!  So very, very good.  I do have a little love affair with them.  Fabric love is a real and pure love!

It is a real guilty pleasure for me.  Finding something new, anything really, to make using my scraps.  It is something I can spend days thinking of.

These coasters are the same ones that I made for the Pillowcase Challenge book.  These sets are just made with all new fabrics.

I have so much fun sewing these up.  I sit on down with my bags (yes bags) of scraps and dig through them all until I find combination’s that I just feel good about.

I always promise more. And more scrappy fun will be sure to follow.

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That’s how many people have seen this little quilt!

Seen it from my etsy site any way.  Remember how I made it?

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