gift tag tutorial

I save all sorts of fabric scraps.  Including the scraps from the tiny quilts I have made.  That’s where these little bits come from.

Too cute to be thrown away, right?  So don’t!

I also have on hand the card stock that my bias tape was once wrapped around.  Any crafty paper will do!

Just place the fabric on the card stock, trim your fabric length or width as necessary. Then sew away, on your sewing machine.  I like using a zig zag stitch.

Use that ever handy hole punch and dig through your stash for a bit of ribbon.  I love to see what I find, looking for just that right color.

After you thread your ribbon through you have a nice little handmade gift tag.  I usually stamp the to: and from: on the back with a brown ink.  They also make cute bookmarks for what ever sewing book you might be giving as a gift this year!



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8 responses to “gift tag tutorial

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  3. Super cute! Thanks so much for the great idea. I think I’ll make a bunch during 30Rock this week. I’ll be linking as well.

  4. thank you for this idea. i made one for a fried who gave me some fabric. she had the fabric sitting on a shelf and liked to look at it. she has always sewn but can’t see well enough to sew now. anyway, i made one of these as a thank you tag and now she can hold the tag and look at the fabric in case she misses seeing it on her shelf!

  5. these are so sweet! I’m going to add you to the end of my blog linking party because I just can’t resist, and would love to see you there in person with more projects too! It’s a great party with tons of great contributors every week, and we’d love to have you join us!

  6. great creative idea katie! so cute

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