frisbee winner

I think this frisbee dog is a girl.  And if you ask my daughter, all of the dogs from her party were girls. Of course!  Especially since they are each backed in pink gingham. Pink = Girl.

And to the giveaway.    The winner is Shell!!  Thanks for all of your sweet comments!  I love hearing from you and I love that we share so many of the same interests.

Now I need to share with you the last little bit of what I have done with this fabric and the dog.

I couldn’t resist making a shirt for her.  With just a little wunder under and brown thread.

It looks just as cute from the inside.

But, I think it is a bit too small for her.  She still hasn’t worn it and I think it feels too tight to her.  So, it will go soon to my shop!  Size 5T if you’re interested.

featuring the frisbee dog shirt



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6 responses to “frisbee winner

  1. Mary

    Great shirt!! Great model!

  2. Oh WOW!!

    How exciting!! : ) I NEVER win anything… you made my day Katie! Thanks so much!! I’ll give her a good home! : )

    The t-shirt is adorable!

  3. katie this is so-so-so cute!
    i hope you link one of your darling projects up today at a crafty soiree
    xoxo malia

  4. That is so cute. That little Chihuahua face totally cracks me up. But don’t you think one of those stuffed dogs you did would look great if it was massive size? Like the size of an armchair? Or is it just me…

  5. judith you are a genius!!! love it love it :D

  6. Katie, how super sweet, I love it…and not just because we’re both “Katies”:) My daughter loves doggies too I will have to make her a version I love it. Thank you for joining us at A Crafty Soiree! I hope you’ll come back next week and link up again!

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