wonky class

I taught my 2nd class at The Tin Thimble last Saturday.  And the girls that came were just the best!

We started the class with a big pile of scraps.  Ready for us to all dig through.  I felt like I could remember where every little piece of fabric came from!

Everyone was so generous with their fabrics that I think I came home with more than what I left with :)  Not my plan, but I got some cute new fabrics, thanks to Brianna.

Each quilter took a different path on their wonky quest.

Some were random, some were steady, some were a little sloppy (that would be me).

But my favorite part of the day was seeing everyone’s work completed.  We all used mostly the same fabrics.

But each quilt came out so different.  As unique as each quilter is, so was their quilt.  Thanks girls for coming!  I hope to see you at my next class.



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3 responses to “wonky class

  1. Mary

    The quilts look great! Congratulations to the teacher.

  2. They look FANTASTIC!! I’m so bummed I couldn’t be there. :-( Can’t wait for the coaster class!

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