My boy loves wolves. I have no idea how this came about or why. But he just does. 

Which is really great. I love it when they have a passion about something. 

And this is what the wolf thing is, an intense love of all things wolf. 

He even draws them.  He was sitting at the dinner table last night after he had finished eating and was doing a new sketch. 

I thought he needed some more wolf inspiration.  More wolf art to keep his imagination going. 

So here I am sharing some of my etsy favs with you. 

What is your favorite animal?



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4 responses to “wolves

  1. Such a sweet post, so many great prints too!
    Thanks so much for including mine in such a great group!

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  3. Cute! How old is your son?
    I love the red riding hood wall sticker. :)

  4. My boy is 8 year’s old and wants to be an artist and live in Alaska when he grows up :)

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