summer thriftiness

I have a problem of bringing home chairs.  Often broken down chairs.  But I have a vision for each one.  And the shapes are fantastic!

This chair was painted gold!  It reminded me of New Orleans for some reason.  Especially when after I rubbed it with some steel wool there was a bright pink underneath.

My girl picked out this lavender color and since it was for her room I ok’d it.  But that was the only reason!  I’m not a big personal fan of purple, totally for personal reasons…

And here she is totally happy with the results!  This is what I am thrilled about : the chair was $2.50 and then 50% off – I bought the chair for $1.25 from my local thrift!!  My husband wasn’t so thrilled about me bringing home another chair, but when we got it all cleaned up and painted so quickly, he didn’t punish me. :)



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6 responses to “summer thriftiness

  1. Oh what an excellent find! And actually… I like the color choice (see my blog for further explaination, ha). I just recently got some great thrifty finds myself! AND in GOLD! Ha!!!

  2. Mary

    Once again – so cute!! That is actually a happy purple.

  3. Mary

    Lilac! Not purple.

  4. Ralph

    This turned out grr-reat Katie. LOVE the color.

  5. Love it! Such a perfect and cheerful shade!

  6. I couldn’t figure out how to become your fan…I would settle for friend but could figure out how to do that either…hmmm must be my hair color….

    I’m still thinking about Mary’s purse!!!It is soooo cute!

    I love your blog and creativity! I look forward to the book signing on your next visit!!!

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