sweet tea

I have finally gotten down to a little business.  I realized just this morning that it has been forever since I added anything new to my shop.  Duh…

Was I thinking that I didn’t have anything newly made?  I do not know.  Because I obviously do.

Today I changed all that!  I opened the blinds in my home for that wonderful natural lighting.  And had fun taking some pic’s. 

This wonderful fabric has been just waiting for something fun to be sewn up!  I was able to use it in a few different ways.  I still have more tea cups left, and a few fancy desserts.  Perfect for your sweet tea party.

Check back with me tomorrow for a little thank you from me!



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3 responses to “sweet tea

  1. Okay. I need a close up of your label, and whatever has the ruffles. I love the ruffles. And the cups. AND want to see the desserts. It is so much fun to be over here looking at girly stuff!!

  2. The ruffled item is the tea towel :) I’m glad you like everything!

  3. Cute, cute, cute Katie Jean!!

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