day two

Today I moved on to sewing up some pants. 

I used this pattern before and made the dress.  It was a little bigger than what I wanted.  So I’m curious how the pants will fit.  When I held them up to my girl’s waist they did look longer than the capris in the pic.

The fabric on the left is vintage from my mom.  The fabric on the right is from my sister Mary.  I’m making two pairs so my girl can choose which one she likes better.  Or maybe she will want both and make me a very happy momma!

And now I have to ask… do you get confused by sewing pants?  I often struggle with the very simple directions!  Sometime I sew them up wrong.  I can just never picture it in my mind.  I think that’s why I didn’t finish my sewing project today. Tomorrow I will tame these beastly capris. :D



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3 responses to “day two

  1. Cute fabric! I got muddled the first few goes at pants too. I remember being tired and on Christmas deadline holding up half sewn pants for my husband to look at and asking him how do pants go on. haha It worked though. Good luck!

  2. Mary

    Your momma can always help you with garment sewing. I can’t wait to see A in a pair of those cute capri pants. Please let her pick my fabric!!

  3. Pants are confusing! I had the hardest time keeping track of front & back parts! They seem so odd in pieces!

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