I had some  fun friends over last week to talk about weddings.  Planning weddings and photographing weddings.  No I am not renewing my vows.

We were talking about ways to cross promote our businesses.  But I really did want to impress these girls with some crafty little vintage touches.

So I cleaned up my house as best I could.  And set a pretty table to inspire.  I am in love with yellow now!

In love with raniculus and vintage florist bud vases. I have been buying these at local thrifts for about $1.50.  I have 6 of them now.  I’m just not sure when to stop buying them.

I hope thes pictures inspire you to add a bit of yellow to your home or wedding!    Happy Day :)



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7 responses to “friends

  1. I was impressed! Loved it all!

  2. Always buy what you like, but do odd numbers when you decorate.

    I love all of your table settings!! I have always loved yellow. My favorite flowers – yellow roses or yellow tulips. I now I need to add yellow raniculus to my list!

  3. Amy

    Beautiful! I love yellow too. And I have a collection of milk glass myself! I keep meaning to thank you again for the adorable tea towel and the adorable thank you card you sent. So sweet!

  4. What adorable stuff! Great table, too!

  5. Collect it now. Martha might feature it next month and then the market will be sucked dry, right? I so love your luncheon. I haven’t taken my depression glass out this year, and I’m thinking I will today. It should have been out at Easter, but now I’m putting out just for me.

  6. Love those white vases! (I don’t think it’s time to stop accumulating them yet :)

    Also, I’m into yellow these days too. I just posted about a chair revamp, using yellow polka dot linen!

  7. love your little vase collection… super sweet!

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