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Every year at my girl’s school they have a wonderful fund raiser called The Dessert Extravaganza.  Each family is asked to make a dessert.  One dessert that is cut up for every guest to taste and one to be sold for $20.  There is also class baskets to be auctioned, a silent auction, live auction, and a raffle.  It is a great time,and  the school raises a ton of money.

This year I was sick and not able to go.  But I did make a momma and daughter apron set for the silent auction.  I just found out that it was sold for $50. vintage dessert cookbook included. Very cool!

And… the really great news…. my cookies that I made won 2nd place!!  I called them “katie jean’s chocolate cookie bar biscotti”.  It’s a modified recipe from a Southern Living cookbook.  I’ve made these before for a Christmas cookie exchange when I had to make 6 dozen of them!  The recipe will soon follow :)



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6 responses to “some new news

  1. Diane

    That is so very cool, the matching Aprons are just perfect!
    You should be proud, and I cannot wait to hear that cookie recipe. Hugs, Diane

  2. Kati Henry

    I am so happy for you!!! I didn’t get to go either because I was doing the childcare for the volunteers at the preschool. I heard things went really well. It is an awesome event and a lot of fun! I really missed not being there for the auctions. :( Do you know who bought your stuff?)

  3. What a fantastic fundraiser idea. The aprons are so lovely. Can’t wait for “katie jean’s chocolate cookie bar biscotti” recipe. Yummy!

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  5. Cute aprons. There is an apron exhibit at a museum out here in MA. Sounds FUN!!

  6. Kelli

    LOVE the apron. Do you by chance sell the pattern? I recently stumbled onto lots of vintage trim and pom poms and I would LOVE to try to make one similar to yours. It is stinkin cute! :)

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