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The final class in my Scrap Happiness series is next Wednesday evening.  So start gathering up your scrappy little pieces of fabric, cut them into little squares and come join me!

To celebrate this sewing series of classes, I will also have a little few bits of katie jean treasures to give away to class members.  Just to say thank you to all of those fun sewers that participated.

There are still a few spots left and we will also be holding the eye pillow class again.  You have a second chance to sew these up for a special Mother’s Day present.

Call The Tin Thimble for registration and the class supply list (916) 652-2134.



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2 responses to “love this

  1. Hi there! I am so excited that you are joining in the Bronte-Along!

    (I didn’t see any contact info, so I needed to leave this as a comment, sorry!)
    One thing, on the page with the Mr.Linky widget, could you re-link to a post about the project?

    That way, if someone finds our page in a year, they will be taken to links about the Bronte-Along, rather than the front page of someone’s blog!

    (if you have trouble, just shoot me an email!)
    Thanks so much!

  2. I love these little scraps. The little windows and then the words. It’s so intriguing. Little hints of things you cannot see.

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