I think I need to show you my two little projects that I made for the new book.  They are both two items that I am still making today.  They are so fun and easy. 

This is the child’s apron.  Featuring my favorite model.  I was with my mom when I bought this fabric.  I actually wasn’t going to buy any more tea towels.  But she twisted my arm.

I really like to make the aprons.  It lets the wonderful fabric be the focus.

This is the eye glass case.  I thought it would be a cute gift to make someone to commemorate a special year, anniversary, or birthday.  The calendar portion of the tea towel is what makes up the lining inside the case.  I usually make these up using vintage tablecloth remnants.  Whatever fabric you choose, have fun with it!



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5 responses to “inside

  1. I love your apron and eye glass case. The rick rack really sets the eye glass sase off so nicely.

    You do have a great model too.

  2. I love it, too. So love the 1989. What is it about something having type on it. Just can’t get enough of it. That Mary is right. The rick rack is really cool, too.

  3. Originally I did do the eye glass case without the rick rack. Lark then asked that I snaz (my word) it up, so that’s what I did. Rick rack is always a cute touch!

  4. Cute! My mom has several old calendars that reminds me of. This will give her more ideas of what to do with them! Thanks!

  5. Thanks! that is so great to hear! I just love the calendar tea towels. I have a 2000 one that I wish I had kept a little more prestine :)

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