HELP haiti

The earthquake in Haiti has hit close to home for those who are in the process of adopting children in Haiti or thinking about beginning the process. There are thousands of children homeless and hundreds who have families in the United States who have been waiting to bring home their children – some for years. Haiti before the eartquake had 300,000 orphans and not enough orphanages to care for them.

In an effort to help, Glitter and Grunge has organized a benefit concert and handmade sale in Sacramento. They are working to have representation from Haiti and two families whose children are still in Haiti to come and tell their stories and help raise money to help orphans in Haiti.

G&G is working with an organization called Help End Local Poverty ( which works closely with two Rescue Center/Orphanges in Port au Prince, as well as orphanges in Africa. The fundraiser will specifically benefit the Hatian orphanages.

The event is February 5 at 7 pm and will feature a number of local indie musicians and crafters.  Each vendor will be donating at least 10% of heir sales that evening go to HELP. The event takes place at Arcade Church in Sacramento, 3927 Marconi Ave.

Come and see me this Friday as I will be donating 20% of my sales to HELP.


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