oh my!

Yesterday was my birthday and I spent it on the couch, sick.  My mom came over and made a cake for me with my kids and we later ordered some Chinese food delivered.  Not too bad of a day.  I got plenty of rest and was cared for.

Today I am better.  I have spent most of the morning reading my facebook and catching up on emails.  Lastly I check the stats on my blog.  And holy cow! Almost 600 people visited my site yesterday!  Happy Birthday to me!

Most of this was because of Rachel at One Pretty Thing.  She featured my fancy girl headband too!  This is another fun site where all sorts of crafters are featured with tutorials, free downloads, and places to shop.

Thank you everyone for sending me the love on my birthday!  Your birthday wishes truly mean so much to me.



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3 responses to “oh my!

  1. awww…I’m sorry you were sick on your birthday. Happy birthday! Just do like I do and celebrate the whole week. Mine is on Friday so I’ve been celebrating all week long. lol.

    Congrats! I <3 One Pretty Thing!

  2. Happy Birthday from your favorite sister!

  3. Congrats on your One Pretty Thing link! Sooo sorry that you were sick on your birthday. (Happy belated Birthday!!) Hope that you are feeling better now!

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