my morning

Today is stariting off a bit slowly this morning.  The rain outside isn’t helping much either.  But luckily I have the Golden Globe pictures to look at online.  I usually don’t watch this show on tv, since all I really care about is the attire.

Isn’t Neil Patrick Harris still such a cutie!  And so is his boyfriend.  All of the gorgeous gowns and gorgeous couples are a great way to inspire me on an otherwise lack luster day.

p.s. Drew Berrymore would play me in the story of my life.  Who would play you?



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6 responses to “my morning

  1. You are so talented! I love all these little treasures, bit and baubles that you find and give them new life…. I used to make mini scrapbooks and collages and was a self professed paper fiend… after awhile it takes over you and runs you out of your home. Thanks for following and leaving some love on my blog! it is soooo appreciated!!

  2. I would want Milla Jovovich to play me :-D

  3. You always crack me up! And I think you’re right on about Drew Barrymore being you ;)

    I had no idea who would play me, so I asked my husband. Without hesitating, he replied, “Christina Applegate.” Isn’t he SO sweet?!

  4. Diane! I can totally see Christina Applegate. She has such a great smile, like you :)

  5. What do you mean, she would play you. She is playing you. I mean you are playing her. I mean you are so her only without that big poof thing on your hip and a better bra. Other than that, twins. Definitely.

  6. Ok, ok… so who is playing you??

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