meet the girls

You must know how much I love my sisters.  And like all sisters, you must also know that it wasn’t always so.  As grown women, I am so proud of them.  They are living their dreams, that each one created for themselves.  They inspire me and motivate me to be better each day!  Kinda corny right?  But believe me, it’s true.

All this love made me think of the other sisters that I have known and am related to.  My grandfather was born in 1900 and had 3 sisters, Molly, Fern, and Judith.  My Dad’s had 5 brothers and 1 sister, Kathleen.  And my own three sisters, Mary, Judith, and Susan Margaret.

I hadn’t realized how many sisters there were until now!  So, I wanted to introduce you to my sweet sisters.  Each is named for the all the sister’s that came before me. 

Please meet: Fern, Molly, Judith, Mary, Margaret, and Kathleen.  Visit them at Glitter and Grunge.  Merry Christmas!



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2 responses to “meet the girls

  1. Katie,
    I love these! I so need to have ONE or ALL of them. I really think I need the one with blue hair. They are so sweet.


  2. FYI Judith is my favorite. Don’t know why. Just is.

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