I went to Disneyland last weekend!  Totally surprised my oldest son, Q who hasn’t been there yet.  I told him that morning we were driving down to LA.  He didn’t believe me.  It was just the two of us!  I felt so lucky to be sharing the magical day with him.  So lucky to be his mom :)

He was such a trooper.  We got there at 8:30 and left that night at 10:30!  Such a cool day and no huge lines.  My favorite was finally going on the Matterhorn.  We sat in the very front.  Q didn’t like it as much as I did!

Since it was so close to being Christmas you know I had to take pic’s of the decorations.  These were the lamp posts in the New Orleans area of Disney.

Aren’t they so fancy!  I just love the vivid colors.  Only in Disney!

I think I’ll have a pink and purple Christmas too!  Feliz Navidad.



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2 responses to “surprise!

  1. what a treat! Your are such a FUN Mama! I used to go to Disney Land every weekend way back when..yes, I was a Disney local with my friends, we used to go to Videopolis when it was open ( a dance place) they built the Roger Rabbit Town in place of it. Oh the memories! Sweeet picture! How are you by the way??? have a great weekend. (((HUGS))) Mica

  2. Look at you and your waist! You are so dang cute. Those jeans look so fantastic on you. I am so happy for you. You are so rocking!
    The big Q, too. Love the Goofy hair.

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