my ironing

Would you like to see what I have been busy cleaning and ironing?

Now can you just guess what this is?

This one has a beautiful pocket with ric rac trim.

This one is super colorful with a rainbow of sewn on strips of fabric.

These are all photos of the vintage aprons that I have been collecting.  Some of these I bought just for the fabric.  They never got cut up though.  Probably because these aprons are all in great condition.  So it became a collection without me really knowing it.

I still have about five more aprons that need to be ironed.  Getting ready for my booth this Sunday!  I think they will all look wonderful hanging together.



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4 responses to “my ironing

  1. I love your aprons. I have quite the collection of vintage beauties as well. Back in August, I participated in the Apronfest and gave one away (I miss it dearly). But, that’s the way those giveaways go! Your blog is cute….I like your ideas. I’m glad I stumbled upon it.

  2. ooh- is that christmas apron a half-apron?!

  3. Love the aprons! I want the Christmas one.

  4. Is that The Candy Cane fabric? It is absolutely adorable. Love it. Want it.

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