finally out

I have been busy doing a ton of party planning that I haven’t blogged forever.  Did you miss me?

Well, I finally got out of the house for a little fun with my sister Mary.  We had to check out The Tin Thimble while she was here of course!  And she encouraged me to buy this fabric.

Which really goes great with my kitchen.  This is just the perfect fabric for napkins.  Which I do really need.  I just had friends over for dinner a few weeks ago and all I had were my fancy white damask napkins.  This fabric is just my style, fun and whimsical.  Just like me!

Now off to sew!  What are you up to?



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3 responses to “finally out

  1. The Silk Worm

    How chic and stylish, and what a wonderful idea to make it into napkins…I must try making some, I’m sure they are a lot simpler and less stressful than my other sewing creations!

  2. LOVE THAT FABRIC!! If you have any leftovers or a snippit I will take it.

  3. Super cute! Hope that you and your sis had a fantastic time!!

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