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My local library is having a summer book club for the kids. I love these! Since we already read with them every night, this was an easy way for me to keep them motivated. It also ensures a weekly visit to check out new books.

Once I got them all signed up the librarian told me about the adult summer reading group. Cool! I can win a little prize too. Maybe a Target gift certificate? Doesn’t take much for me.

Well, one of the adult requirements was to write a book review. Easy for me to do since I found the fabulous book “Quilts” by Denise Schmidt. love her!

Denyse makes quilting look fun and untraditional. Her quilts look like they are made to break all the rules. I consider her to be a quilting rebel! And yet her quilts are beautiful and full of texture and a mix of modern simplicity and style.

When I was recently faced with another growing pile of fabric scraps. I turned to this book for a little scrapping fun.

I decided to make one of these fun and easy dis-cards. I sorted through my fabric and found about five pieces that went together and grabbed a blank card to sew these scraps onto.

It was easy-peasy! I love the randomness of it. And I always thought that this criss-cross sewing looked confusing. But after reading the directions and doing it myself, what a breeze!

So, check out this book out at your local library. And then buy it because there are so many cute projects in it you will get some late fines charged to you any way!



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2 responses to “book review

  1. Hi,
    I saw that you posted over on Glitter & Grunge for their Swap. If you are interested, I am also having a swap. Please visit my blog at:

    Also, I like your blog! I look forward to visiting again!
    Artful Blessings,

  2. Looks great! I miss sewing so much. Maybe I’ll check it out when I’m back in the swing of things :) And congrats on your GDSacramento bit!!

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