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Have you ever come across another blog that you just love?  I mean really looove!  Well it has happened to me more than once or twice.  And after seeing this great blog I am beginning a new monthly post of sharing with you my new favorite blog.

This one is called 100 Layer Cake, crafting your wedding layer by layer.  Right now I am on page 11 of 100

Their target audience is weddings.  I have been married for 19 years now (I was a teen bride) and have found a ton of inspiration on this site.  I especially love the Real Wedding articles to see how crafty girls are getting married now.  I am thrilled at seeing the real personality that comes out in these contemporary wedding celebrations.  It makes me want to get married all over again!

The 100 Layer Cake has also given me some inspiration in planning a birthday party for my husband.  I am taking a lot of notes on decorations and table settings.  The Color Inspiration Board has also helped me see some color combination’s in fun and unexpected ways.

I am also loving the calligraphy!  It is full of such beauty and personality.  I was a calligrapher in a previous life and I am still enthralled by it!

So, have fun with this gorgeous blog.  Check out 100 Layer Cake and let me know how many pages you have read.  And if you know of a blog that I have to read, just email me!  I’m off to read page 12!



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2 responses to “new favorite

  1. looks lovely!!! I have found several blogs I love too !!thanks for sharing. How have ya been since
    ZNE ??? Hugs to you !!!Mica

    Check this one out. I can get lost for hours. Especially with a good cup of coffee.
    Now, no remarrying. Channel that energy into the big Bday!

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