black and white

Thanks Diane!!  I got your package, sat down and had some much needed mom time!  (My hub had been in OR for 5 days).  I actually had 3 kids having a temper tantrum all at once, for all totally unrelated reasons.  Good times, good times.

I won Diane’s blog-a-versary giveaway and was surprised with all sorts of black and white crafty fun.  My girl saw this scarfe and immediately came over saying “mine, mine, mine!”.    I was fine with that as long as I could keep the smell good soap and napkins, pillowcase, and aida fabric.  The bracelet is especially sweet too and is a perfect way to remind me to read!

The cutest handmade flower head band.

Diane knows me well, and knows what I like.  So it was so fun to receive this special gift in the mix of mommy craziness!  Thank you my little birdie friend.

Diane also has some other black and white news that she is sharing over at her blog.  All of a different sort than usual.  Can you guess?


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  1. Yay! I’m so glad that you like your goody package. (Sorry it took so long.) Your girl looks so sweet with her headband and scarf! Miss you, Katie!

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