I have been sick since last night and have been online between sleeping and sneezing.  I came across some great ideas about what to tweet and some how to tweet inspiration on  She sounds like a great crafty girl.  Enjoy it!

I’m still kinda new to twitter.  You know about it?  I like the whole mini blog idea of it.  Quick and to the point.

And since I don’t have any tweet photos for you, I thought I would just show you this.My hub making friends in Oregon.  He’s the one on the right!



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2 responses to “tweet?

  1. looks like a tweet photo to me….hee hee.. Hope you get well…sure was great meeting you at the ConvenZioNE !! Hugs, Mica Garbarino AKA Garb-oodles

  2. Tehehehe!!

    Katie- thanks so much for the onesie! I heart you!

    Just wanted to let you know that my 2 year old niece loooooooooooves her vintage pillowcase purse. Her Mommy loved it too!

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