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There always seems like so much work for me to be doing.  It’s always something.  And I happen to forget one of the most important things about my business.  Sales.

I hope you don’t think that’s a bad word.  Just a necessity.  I love what I make, and want to keep on making what I love.  So, the “S” word is kinda important.

I often forget to set aside time to take pictures and then upload the pictures that I do have.  And it’s important to keep those photo’s updated to keep those “s” coming!  Well you know that I have been thinking about my photos and having retrieval problems all week.

Today I was a good girl!  I spent time getting some photos up in my shop of one of the first bibs that I’ve made.  This is some of the fun that I had on big huge labs.

This bib is now in my shop for $12.00.  I can also do a special order for a onesie, cuddle blanket, or burpie, if anyone is interested.  :)


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  1. Amy

    I know, I am the same way! Love the bibs! I am hoping for a girl someday so I can buy all the cute accessories from you!

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