happy day!

It’s Earth Day!  My kids are picking up trash at school today.  And they aren’t happy about it.  I guess the kindergarten class picked up trash yesterday.  But my huge 7 year old wants no part in it.  I always think their school looks great.  I had no idea there was trash lying around.  Maybe they are a little messy leading up to Earth Day so the first graders can be put to work.

Well since it is Earth Day I am doing a special giveaway.  I have a wonderful collection of organic fabrics from Harmony Art.  And I haven’t really been sewing with it lately like I should.  But I do have one of my stuffed elephants all made.  It’s made with 100% organic fabric and stuffing.

I made this elephant with the inspiration from a vintage stuffie that my hub had as a baby.  His grandmother from Kansas made it for one of his older siblings and it has survived being passed down to each child and the many grandchildren.  I took this old elephant and just laid it down on my copier and enlarged it a bit.  Cut up the copy and there was my new pattern for “Ella”.  The ears even have a bit of stuffing in them too, just like grandma Myrtle made it.

The “Ella” that will be in the giveaway is the blue one in the middle of the photo, with the small leaf pattern on the ears.  The last date of the giveaway will be next Wednesday, April 29th.  Just leave a comment to enter!

Happy Earth Day and thanks for participating in the fun!



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8 responses to “happy day!

  1. I’m apparently working on my collection of kids toys so the elephant would make the perfect addition. Now I just need to find some kids!

    Happy Earth Day!

  2. Oh, my baby boy would love this! I would be so pleased to win, thanks for having such a generous giveaway!

  3. Your blog is so very fun to read, and I love all of your photos! See you May 2.

  4. I still have the elephant that my grandmother gave me when I was born! It’s a little worn, but still loved so much. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Nova437

    So cute!

  6. Renee G

    This is darling. It reminds me of my husband’s horsey that he has had forever.


  7. Love Ella! Love you!

  8. My girls schools give tickets out to those who pick up trash on a regular basis. The kids can than save up their tickets to than have lunch with the principal or use them towards things like an ice cream, pencils, or erasers etc.
    I always see trash laying around and when taking a route through the school to pick up my youngest I always pick up the trash and drop it in the bathroom trash.
    My youngest has lunch with the principal atleast twice a year because of this.
    Maybe you can talk to the school to implement something for the kids to encourage them to pick up the trash all of the time.
    Anyway Happy Belated Earth Day!

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