Well you know that I went to Quilt, Craft, Sew.    I went not just one day, but two!  The first day was with Claire and her two girls.  My own girl came along too.  She is used to her mom looking at fabrics and shopping!

First, it was a smaller venue then what I thought it would be.   And so many of the vendors were not local. It was fun asking where everyone was from!  One vendor came from Florida!  There were also people selling jewelry, snacks, cooking spices, and makeup.  And the big bummer, parking was $10.  But, remember I did come back for a second day!

Yes, we had a great time.  I mostly bought fabric that I don’t find locally.  Mostly Heather Bailey fabric!  She has such bright, vibrant, fun, colors and patterns.  I saw people just so excited, seeing her fabric for the first time!

I also bought a few books.  Like I need more of those!  I did get this one called Quilts Japan.  Which I just had to have for the great inspiration!  Such great pictures!

becky & me

I bought some fabric squares from Becky.

I picked out some cute vintage images, that were already on fabric and permanent from Patti.

And I bought my HB fabric, trims, and a cute pattern from Beth.

There was more of course on the second day out with my mom.   She bought a gadget for her back and the fasturn (pic above) for us both to use.   Yes, I will go to this show again in 2010.  But I would love to be a vendor there myself!  Maybe with g&g!  And despite their being a recession, people really were out there shopping.

Did you go too?  And what did you think, have a good time?



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3 responses to “finally

  1. I love Heather’s fabrics too. You will have to share what you do with them.

  2. Amy

    It was fun seeing you there! Evie shared a free ticket with me and then I parked across the street and walked to save money! lol. It was fun to see all the cool machines and fabric. It was smaller than I thought it would be also. But still pretty neat to see!

  3. I thought the quilting sister was the other one? Now don’t get me confused again. Too much talent to go around!
    By the way, I heard you’re sewing baby shoes? Are you going to have a picture soon? I can’t wait to see them.

    (see you later)

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