I’m updating my etsy this morning.  Remember the baby items that I made for my girlfriend?  I made another flower applique onesie and a burpcloth using the same summery yellow fabric.  I’ll have to make a boy set to go with it too.  It will be a tie onesie with a yellow minky burpie.

gift sets

The sun was so perfect yesterday afternoon, that I ended up taking more pictures of my other little gift sets.  When that I happens, I end up taking 10-15 pictures of the same item.  Which is fun for me at the time.  And then the next day I have to weed through my photos to find my favorite 5 that I can put on etsy.  This I think is a good problem to have.  Good lighting and good photos of my items.

Have you joined the contest over at Lark Books yet?  You could win 10 crafty books!  A great reward for a fun challenge!



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3 responses to “hopscotch

  1. Amy

    Adorable! Wish I knew some babies to buy gifts for!!!

  2. Aww these are cute, but I’m a one kid family (and he’s a boy to boot who said “Hey mo-ahm” and his poor little voice broke on me) AND all the babies are boys in the family.

    I find a girl I am so getting this.

  3. These are way too cute!

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