How do you like my new header!  I love it!  Thanks Amy for helping me out and just being the best!

Remember how I took (bribed) my kids to go to the book store?  I forgot that I took some cookie pictures of my kids.  I had to share them with you :)  enjoy!

This photo cracked me up.  I love how the cookie looks as big as her face!  And her big huge eyes.

Brothers dipping their cookies into the whipped creme of the hot chocolate.

Q took this pic of me and my boy (and my book)  as soon as we got home.

Remember to leave a comment to be entered into my book giveaway.  It’s still on until Feb. 28th.  Thanks!



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8 responses to “look!

  1. Too cute! Those are some great photos (and cute kids!).
    Congratulations on your book release- that is so wonderful!

  2. LOVE the banner! And congrats on the book. Can’t wait to check it out!

  3. eatfruit

    I love that cookie/hat thing she’s got going on. What a cutie.

  4. bookwormbethie

    mmmmm, cooooookies as big as your face, heaven!

    congrats on having 2 of your projects featured in the book!!!!

  5. Love the new look for your blog!!

    Are you letting your hair grow? It looks longer than I remember :) You look so happy with your boy. A’s pic is hilarious :)

  6. Love the new banner. What I really love is those three babies of yours!!! The new photos are great. I have told EVERYONE about the book. Congratulations!!

  7. I got your book today!! YEAH!!
    I’m having book club tonight, so it’s already on the coffee table, along with your coasters.
    Yeah, I know the designer.
    Yeah, I have some of her products.
    Yeah, I have her baby pictures!!!


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