g&g for feb

Here are some of the pictures that I promised you. These are my glitter and grunge updates for the month. And… they will also be at the Indie Sacramento event that I will be at this Saturday.

So I got the skirts made using all new fabrics. This is so much fun! Getting to dig through my stash and see what goes with what. It is always a pleasant surprise.

paperdoll fabric size 1T

paperdoll skirt size 1T

katie jump fabric size 2T

katie jump skirt size 2T

delphinium skirt size 3T

delphinium skirt size 3T

daisy chain skirt size 4T

daisy chain skirt size 4T

Now I am off to work on some pants.  I thought they would all be for boys.  But, no.  Too funny, I had some fabric all picked out but once I got the pattern already, I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  So, they are all (four pairs) made for girls!  Each one is soo cute!  I hope you think so too :)



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4 responses to “g&g for feb

  1. These skirts are so cute! Lovin’ the fabrics.

  2. Amy

    adorable! wish i had some little girls in my family to buy gifts for!

  3. Too cute! The delphinium reminds me of the “Chrysanthamum” book (her teacher’s name is delphinium). Looking forward to seeing the pants…

  4. So sweet! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog, adore your creations!

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