christmas past

I can’t believe that it is already December 30th.  I know everyone says that, the holiday always goes by so fast!  It was a fun Christmas day this year.  The kids just kept going and going.  We were able to just sit back and watch them have fun.

I thought I would share just a bit with you of what it was like around our house.

The kids decorated some cookies while I did some baking.  My husband is usually in charge of this activity because I would want totally take over.  They make such a mess and end up eating so much of the icing (who can blame them).  But, I love the end result, and so does Santa :)

The banister in my house is hung with care and my husband’s own Christmas stocking.  This is the one that his mom made for him when he was a little boy (almost 50 years ago).  The one next to it I made when we were first married.  I put a vintage sparkly tree pin on it just yesterday.  And the stocking on the far left was also made by my mother-in-law for our first baby, who is now 10.  I strung the little button garland myself a few years ago.  It took a few nights to do, but I just love the little added color.

This picture I took just this morning.  It has been foggy here and I popped outside and this poinsetta looked like it was covered in glitter.  I looked closer and saw that it was a little morning dew.   I felt like it was just a little present from nature for me to see.  And now you too!  Happy New Year friends!!


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  1. Mary

    What a beautiful home you have and such yummy cookies!!

    Auntie Mary

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