a little Martha idea

You know this idea would appeal to me!  Just yesterday when I was at the Rosemont High Harvest Festival, I had so many comments from people about how I use my vintage hanky’s.  It seems like everyone has a collection of handkerchief’s that belonged to their mother or grandmother.

I have always wanted to collect monogrammed hanky’s and make an ABC quilt.  Now there is even yardage that you can buy that looks like vintage hanky’s all sewn together.

It is really cute, but I would love to make the real thing! Meanwhile, enjoy this quick and easy idea.

Framed Handkerchiefs


Martha Stewart Living

That box of folded handkerchiefs at a vintage-clothing store might not look promising, but, unfolded, each one can be a piece of art. Many handkerchiefs from 1900 through the 1960s were printed with lively designs. Framed simply, they’re great decorations for a wall. Here’s how to do it: Wash and iron handkerchiefs; measure each of the four sides, adding 1/2 inch to each measurement. Have 1/8-inch-thick glass and 1/16-inch-thick poster board cut to these dimensions. Center the handkerchief on the poster board, and cover it with the glass, matching up the edges. Do not use tape or glue to mount the handkerchief; residue from either can stain or discolor the fabric. Use a Swiss clip to clamp the middle of one side while applying foil tape along the opposite edge, making sure the tape adheres to the glass and the poster board. Snip tape at the corners. Center a clip over the tape, then repeat the process for the remaining three sides.

Swiss Clips by JBC Imports and Marketing
Pro-sheen silver foil tape by Pro Tape
Pearl Paint



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3 responses to “a little Martha idea

  1. Great idea! There’s really no limit to the uses for hankies and pillowcases. Guess that’s why we show so little restraint when it comes to thrifting them! We need to set a date soon…

  2. Oh, funny. I have a vintage hanky collection after seeing a really funky baby quilt made with them at Nieman Marcus (with a price tag of $300.). Anyway, I have all of the materials but I haven’t made the quilt. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. I love vintage hankies too! You have a wonderful blog. Beautiful work!

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