time to vote – for me!

Today when you visit Vintage Indie, you will see this banner for the Artist Challenge and a little item made by me. Can you guess which little thing I made? Check out #3 and vote for me!

I made a lingerie bag using a vintage handkerchief. The black border just makes the colored flowers so vibrant and beautiful. It is just perfect to put under you pillow with your nicely folded nightie. Or put it away in your undergarment drawer, a nice feminine touch! This bag has little pink pom pom fringe and simply closes with velcro, covered with a delicate pink vintage button. I think it makes a perfect gift for a new bride, or a special gift just for you!

So, please vote for me #3! If I win, my prize will be a month of free advertising on Vintage Indie. Thanks all!!



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4 responses to “time to vote – for me!

  1. Katiie,
    I’m always amazed at your fine work. Speaking as one who was a “Sewing School Dropout” it’s a real treat to see what fun things you create for G and G.

    P.S. I love your ad at Vintage Indie too.

  2. You got my vote! You always make nifty things :) Best wishes with your sewing/crafty day!

  3. Mary

    Love this! I vited for you too! I can’t wait to see what else you are up to.

  4. hi katie!
    Thanks so much for your wonderful remarks- I’m new to blogging, and it really made my day.
    I love your site also-beautiful kids and gorgeous kids’ clothes and toys too!
    I haven’t been to Vintage Indie yet but I’m going now-
    thanks for the heads up!

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