my vintage life

I am participating with Vintage Indie and telling you a little bit about a vintage item in my home. It is hard for me to pick my most favorite vintage piece in my home. But I can tell you about my first real vintage purchase. This one was for my new house that I moved into just five years ago. It is a little shelf that I love and is so beat up, it’s bent, chipped, rusty, and holey! But it is also my favorite aqua color.

I think I might have paid a little too much for it. But after I saw it, I left the shop and couldn’t stop thinking about it! I was so afraid that it would be gone when I came back the next day. I imagine it being brand new and used in a French Doctor’s office. Now, it is hung above our family computer desk, below an old post office clock that doesn’t work. And I do still love it as much today, as I did five years ago!


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  1. I love this! Great color!

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