holly hobbie

My girlfriend Mindy came to visit with me last week. She is pregnant and due in about four weeks, so we went to look at some fabric together. We didn’t find anything for her new baby, but she got a lot of fabric to make a cowboy quilt for her little boys room.

She didn’t come over empty handed either! Look at what she brought me!

A package full of vintage fabrics. They all look like their from the 70’s. She wasn’t sure if I would like them!! I thought she knew me better than that :) Can you see the packs of ric rac there too? Mostly there are Holly Hobby fabric and some Raggedy Ann fabric. The Raggedy Ann is red, white, and blue so I think this one has to be from 1976.

Her mom cut out a lot of these little vignettes to make cards with. Aren’t they cute! So, with her baby shower coming up, (it was yesterday, I’m not ruining the surprise!) I made her a little long sleeve appliqued onesie (and some other things). When her mom comes to visit from Colorado, I think she will be surprised to see it!

p.s. I just added this onesie to my etsy site if you’re interested!!



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6 responses to “holly hobbie

  1. hey! I think we might need to arrange a trade! Those are too cute! Can you make some in 4 T and some in 3-6 mos??

  2. I have holly and heather and just found amy on ebay…how fun!!!! There is also carrie and a brother robbie too….fyi? Blessings, Jodi

  3. here is the link for ebay listings….maybe you can research some more…all I know is I had holly and heather and ended up wtih 3 daughters….so I needed one more….you can imagine the deliemma for the poor 2 year old…so I was a winnner….it will be delivered this week….yae!

  4. Waaaay too cute! What a fun flashback to my youth too. BTW, you’ve been tagged on my blog :)

  5. Ask Diane if she recognizes any of the Holly Hobby fabric! She should!! Although honestly, she was so young, she may not. Still, she should! I saved her Holly Hobby dress for her~yep, made out of the same fabric, color and all!

  6. Adorable! Mom loves Holly Hobbie too!

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