a little pink and a little girly

I have been just a little busy lately getting ready for my girls birthday. First we had a classroom party and then an at home family party. It was a lot of cupcakes with sprinkles and a ton of Hello Kitty wrapping paper.

Every birthday she has had a homemade birthday outfit. I hope this is going to be something that she will always let me do!! And this year I made her a skirt from a very simple pattern and then added a ruffle. I have had this Amy Butler fabric for awhile just waiting for this project. She loves pink of course! And I tried to use this yellow based fabric as a nice coordinating pattern. Which took me awhile to decide on, since I didn’t want anything to matchy. I know you know what I mean!

Then it was onto getting ready for her party at home with her school friends. I decided to make the invitations using a vintage Hallmark invitation that I got at my local thrift. I scanned it and was a little hard for me to get the color to come out the same as the original. But I finally decided that I would be the only who could really tell the difference, since no one else had the original card but me! I was up late and working on these for about three hours getting just six of these made. I really wanted something with a scrap book look and vintage feel.

And then today I got around to picking up the clutter in my house. There is sooo much! And I put together these little party favors. The baskets I bought when I was out thrifting with Diane. I added a sticker, pink chicklets, hair ponies (made by Diane, using some of my vintage fabric), and gift tags. I think these are cute! I copied all of my vintage patterns to make these. Not an original idea I know, but cute!!

Tomorrow, I will buy the pink paper plates and napkins. And choose which tablecloth to use! Exciting stuff!!



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3 responses to “a little pink and a little girly

  1. The baskets, the BASKETS! Everything turned out so cute! I know what you mean about the invites and getting them the way YOU want them. It’s just hard to walk away until they’re what you wanted. You always put together the sweetest things. What a birthday… hey, maybe next year I’ll let you design mine :)

  2. awww! Super cute party favors! I think we are having a Halloween party for the girls, so i’ll get to do some fun party stuff. I feel like I missed out this year because we were traveling this year for my girls’ birthdays!

  3. yay! Those are absolutely great. It would be so fun to get hand made party favors! I hope the party goes great!

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