Now that my boys are back in school, it was time for me to catch up on some of my shopping! The girl and I went to see some of our favorite girls at The Tin Thimble. You know they are always an inspiration to me and this time was no different. I went there to buy some cute vintage Christmas fabric with poinsettias on it that I had seen before. I needed to make some Christmas stockings of course! But after talking with Sharon she helped me decide on some beautiful less traditional fabric.

I think I love them even more than I would have because the stockings turned out kind of fun and quirky! The fabric looks like stained glass, I think.

While there, Sharon also showed me some of her own most recent finds. And this one is beautiful!

It’s all yo-yo’s made using bark cloth. It’s just in fabulous condition and the colors are all so beautiful. It would be really pretty in a post modern home, hung carefully on the wall like a piece of art.

And they also are selling my spec cases. Each made using vintage tablecloths. Nice, huh?



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3 responses to “shopping

  1. Those stockings turned out super cute!! (I sound surprised, but I’m really not.)

  2. I nominated your blog for an award. Visit my blog to view your award, and to get directions on passing it along.
    Thanks, Rebecca

  3. Katie – the stockings are beautiful! I can’t wait to show mom the pictures. She’ll love them. Thank you so much for sharing.

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