vintage skirts

Here is my new summer skirt for little girls. This one was made especially for my girl. But I have enough fabric left for one other little girl (see my vintage katie jean if you’re interested).This is vintage fabric that I bought from Emma and Sharon. And it’s trimmed with little aqua pom-pom’s. Really cute huh? I think so! The black tank has a little flower sewn onto it, looking like a corsage. Perfect for running errands with mama!

This is the skirt that I will also be making with some cute vintage terry cloth fabric, also known as towels. I went thrifting with my friend Diane and got some really cute ones to cut up. Some towels are pink, some towels are yellow, and one has fish all over it and is so totally wonderful that I’m not sure if I can bring myself to put scissors to it!

The fish towel gave my heart a leap when I saw it. It was a little thrill because I have one at home already like it. It’s from the 50’s and I think it was my grandma’s (the one I already have). What are the chances? I mean a towel, really?



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3 responses to “vintage skirts

  1. oh don’t even get me started on how much I love pom-poms! And fish? I’m going to be calling you…

  2. Really cute little outfit! Love the pom pom trim with that floral print. And it’s true, you really scored with those towels…

  3. Mary

    LOVE my little Alena’s outfit! She could not be any cuter!

    I think I might need you to make on for me too~~

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