Ok, how cool is this? Yes, she won. I was so thrilled and surprised. But Whitney has the prettiest face, and totally looks like a cover girl. And even though she is considered a plus size model, she does just look like a regular girl. In fact she is a size 10. Incredible huh. The other models were a size 0 or size 2. I guess size doesn’t matter. Not in this case any way!

Who did you think should have won? Who was your favorite? I also liked Claire. I thought she was cut much too soon.



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  1. smcmartin

    oh I didn’t realize it was over all ready!!! good for Whitney though!

  2. alex

    size 10 is plus size?!?!

  3. tammy

    i think she is beautiful. this just goes to show that you can be thick and still be sexy

  4. Saar

    Hi i live in the netherlands and we are watching ANTM i didn’t know who had won and now i know it beacause of this picc. we’re still watching it here the semi-final is in 5 weeks but i know who’s the winner


  5. Jazmine

    I Love Whitney I am exactly like her exact I am a black girl!!!

  6. laauren

    she is size 10 in america so technically she is size 12/14!
    models need to be thin, they are manicans for our clothes.., and manicans are not fat are they? she is not fat., but at the end of the day your body needs to be toned and slim to be a model that is my oppinion!

  7. danielle

    I think its fantastic that a plus size girl wonh the competition at the mo there’s more plus size women in the world and i think its about time we have models who are the same. Good on you whitney!! xx

  8. Inu

    But shouldn’t a mannequin look like people, as they are basically stand in people for display. If most of the people buying are size 10, then why not have a size 10 model? Nobody who is buying clothes wants to be reminded that they are big and those clothes are small. They’d rather feel that the clothes were made for them!

  9. Nicola

    I disagree.

    I’m more likely to buy clothes that “real woman” are wearing. I’d buy clothes that Whitney advertises, but no-one smaller. The average UK size is 16, so why would a size 8 or smaller appeal? All what goes through my head (I’m a 12-18 depending on where I shop) when I look at fashion magazines that show size 0 models “well, it looks nice, but it won’t look good on me”. And especially when they’re the stick insect type. I have boobs, and I have hips (and damn proud lol), so I never buy clothes that magazines show, cause they’re for people that look anorexic frankly.

    Mannequins should be larger sizes. Anything or anyone that advertises clothes for real people should be the size of a real person. I feel thats the reason why many adolescent girls and younger are starving themselves, is cause they want to be like the girls in the pictures as that is what is accepted. And the reason why models have to be slim is because that is pretty much what all the modelling world accepts. Tyra Banks is one of the very few people in the modelling world that believes that big girls are beautiful.

  10. Nicola

    Personally, I’m thrilled that what is considered a plus size model has won. However, I don’t really consider her as one. She’s still very slim.

    Anyway, hopefully this will open the door for more plus sized models (bigger ones too!!!) and that it’ll open the eyes of young girls that you don’t have to be a walking skeleton to be pretty.

  11. Carlie

    weight does not define you. & I am so glad i am thick and not a stick. :)
    Good Job Whitney, you are seriously someone I look up too!

  12. Amber

    thank GOD for her..she can now set trends and awaken people’s opinions..she is toned and so beautiful. people tell me i should be a model, but im about her size..i never thought i could be until i saw this cycle of ANTM =D

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