downhill at boreal last saturday

I can’t tell if spring is over already and now summer is coming. It is supposed to be 80 degrees today. The boys are spending their last ski day at Tahoe. The snow will melt very quickly now I think.

purple iris and pink roses 2007

My first iris popped out this morning. What a great thing to wake up to! I love having my garden. The only bummer is that I have to be careful about my allergies, I can turn into a real mess. There are also some baby birds that built a little nest under our patio cover. This will be the second year we’ve had a bird family. I love seeing the new babies and showing them to my own babies. We are all in awe!

Any way, while the boys and girl are away at play, I will be sewing. I love working in my front room (used to be my living room) and have all the windows open and listen to music. Today I think it will be classical (with some opera) and maybe after lunch it will turn into music from the 80’s. No cartoons! Yah!

a little peak

I am making an apron for my May Glitter and Grunge. I hope to make a Mommy and little girl combo. I am mixing some new red and aqua fabrics (love that color combo) together with some vintage embroidered pieces. This is one of my favorite things to do, and what I really love about katie jean. Getting to create anything I can imagine. Not following the usual rules, and getting to repurpose stuff.

I love using those things that people have discarded and gotten rid of. They have given up on using that old dresser scarf with a whole in it or a coffee stain. It can’t be fixed. No one really uses them anymore. But now I get to use them and cut them up! What a treat for me! I get to turn them into a treat for you.


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