I haven’t updated my etsy shop for a while. So yesterday I went through it all. I just put my yo-yo tshirts on sale for $15.00. I think these are so cute! And would be adorable on a little girl with a denim skirt and cowboy boots.

I think they reflect how I often dress. My white tshirt and my favorite jeans. I was hanging up my wash to dry and I counted 13 white tshirts! Another addiction. I am always searching for the perfect one, long sleeved, short sleeved, whatever. I can usually find a great one at J.Crew.

I just talked to my sister about this same thing. She has the same problem. She “says” she is going to start throwing them away each season after she buys a new one. Which is good, because you can tell I have way too many. It is probably more than 13 because I didn’t count white tank tops. I can think of 5 right away without actually going to my closet to count them.

Is this all too much information? Well, just disregard it, and check out my etsy shop!


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